This strong foundational heritage helps inspire our work and a special Sunovion culture. The Green Prism in our brandmark embodies the energy of the sun, the joy of good health and the hope of the future. The Japanese approach Kaizen reflects our ongoing commitment to a continuous improvement process in our work. Our employees are empowered to suggest ideas and solutions in a cross-functional and collaborative culture. This strong collaboration throughout Sunovion reflects the Japanese philosophy of Chanto, which means doing things properly in Japanese. Together, we work to innovate the science of medicine to help improve the lives of millions impacted by serious neuropsychiatry conditions.

Our Leadership

Our Executive Leadership Team has a vision for Sunovion: Lead the way to a healthier world. Through our commitment to innovative applications of science and medicine, and our partnership with the global health care community, we seek to help millions of people with serious medical conditions lead fulfilling lives.


What’s Your Calling?

What drives you? We believe that our work is a privilege. Every day we have an opportunity to apply our experiences and perspectives to create new treatments that will help people with serious medical conditions.