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Sunovion develops pharmaceutical products that improve the lives of millions of patients. Sunovion science at present specializes in two distinct therapeutic areas—respiratory conditions and disorders of the central nervous system.

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of patients—and growing our business—by concentrating our efforts in these two important therapeutic areas. Our efforts have brought to market nine drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA): Aptiom® (eslicarbazepine acetate) tablets, Latuda® (lurasidone HCl) tablets, Lunesta® (eszopiclone) tablets, Xopenex® (levalbuterol HCl) Inhalation Solution, Xopenex HFA® (levalbuterol tartrate) Inhalation Aerosol, Brovana® (arformoterol tartrate) Inhalation Solution, Omnaris® (ciclesonide) Nasal Spray, Alvesco® (ciclesonide) Inhalation Aerosol, and Zetonna® (ciclesonide) Nasal Aerosol. At the same time, we have developed a strong pharmaceutical pipeline that strengthens our presence in these two treatment categories.

We are developing products with our own internal development programs and collaborating with outside partners on various corporate development and licensing arrangements.

Between our current treatments and the products in our pipeline, Sunovion targets, on the one hand, central nervous system disorders such as bipolar depression, schizophrenia, depression, epilepsy, neuropathic pain, and insomnia, and on the other, respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


  • So much of what we do is governed by our central nervous system. CNS disorders include many medical conditions that can be especially difficult to live with—for patients and those close to them. Our growing range of CNS medicines targets a growing number of these illnesses. GET THE DETAILS
  • Respiratory diseases affect millions of Americans, young, old and everyone in between. Sunovion has a number of success stories to our name. We're busy working on more.